Jiu-jitsu is unimaginably empowering. You learn techniques that allow you to completely dominate a larger person or easily escape what looks like a desperate position.

As you gain confidence in a technique you may be tempted to “insist.” Go to use it, it doesn’t work, you try to force it. This is a waste of energy.

Jiu-jitsu teaches that when one door closes, another opens. As your opponent stops your first technique, they inevitably leave an opening for another. Rather than insist on forcing something that isn’t working, adapt. Be willing to change directions.

Passionate about providing a place where women could access the incredible empowerment jiu-jitsu offers, I had my heart set on having a massively successful women’s jiu-jitsu school nearly 15 years ago. Even today with the growing popularity of mixed martial arts, that would be tough. Being willing to change plans and offer co-ed classes was what enabled me to not only survive, but thrive.

Have you ever tried to force a strategy after the circumstances for which it was designed had changed? Are you doing this now? What other ways or opportunities have you not considered? How can you adapt to best take advantage of your current situation?