Typically, we are taught that there are two responses to conflict: fight or flight. The Art of War teaches us that there is a third option: planning ahead.

For defending oneself, training jiu-jitsu is that third option.

Finding oneself in a physical confrontation would surely trigger a panic response in most people, causing them to either freeze or run (flight) or engage with unskilled ferocity (fight). By training jiu-jitsu, we prepare ourselves for those situations so that if they arise, we are much more likely to be able to maintain control of ourselves and our situation. It’s contingency planning.

Years ago we had a flood that caused $30,000 in damages and almost shut us down.

How could we have prepared for this? When revenue and cash flow were strong, spending was too. Had we practiced operating on a more disciplined budget, that situation would not have had the same impact.

What are the unwanted situations you as an entrepreneur need to be ready to handle and what can you do to prepare for them effectively? What would you do if suddenly you lost your key client or employee? What plans can you map out to prepare for these unwanted scenarios?