You can have unity and still not know what to do. What makes jiu-jitsu so empowering is that is shows you techniques and strategies for making the impossible easy.

What’s most scary for the untrained person when facing a bigger, faster, stronger opponent is not knowing what to do.

All of jiu-jitsu is based on one “secret” – one strategy for overcoming any opponent:

1. Close the gap: get close enough to hug them — they need distance to hit effectively
2. Take them down: tackle, trip, throw, etc,
3. Get to the mount: climb on top so you sit on their stomach while they lay prone.

Simply understanding that concept, even without training makes you instantly tougher because it gives you A PLAN.
Secrets are merely powerful pieces of information we don’t yet know. How do you learn secrets? Theoretically, you could tinker and “figure out” jiu-jitsu without instruction, but it would take you decades. A mentor shortcuts that process.

I ran my first school for five years before I began mentoring with more successful people in my industry. And as a result, I grew more in the following year than I had in the previous five.

Recently, a new mentor introduced an idea for a promotion. With one week of hard work, strong unity among the team and the school as a whole, that month was as successful as the previous three combined.

Do you have a business mentor? It doesn’t always need to be a formal relationship or even a relationship at all. Internet marketer and self-improvement teacher Tai Lopez considers books a form of mentorship, and today, videos, podcasts and even some Instagram accounts provide insight, wisdom and strategy from some of the great business thinkers of our time.
Who are some thinkers and leaders you look up to? Are you seeking them out and learning from them?